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Sifu Chow  


What is Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Kung Fu style that originates from China. Its specialty is close-range fighting, a striking art that is simple, direct and economic in its movements. A practitioner uses punches, kicks and a simultaneous defense to overwhelm and defeat an opponent. In the Shaolin Temple there was a nun named Ng Mui who practiced Kung Fu regularly. When she realized what she had been practicing a style of Kung Fu invented by men for men and did not account for the female form. Kung Fu required a great deal of physical strength and reach. As a woman she had little physical advantage. She began to work on a more efficient fighting style. Ng Mui taught this style to a woman so she could defeat a warlord who wanted to force her in to marriage.  The new style that Ng Mui created combined the best techniques to form more economic and simple style that allowed for the practitioner to fight smarter and not harder.  The new style included a lower stance and resourceful techniques. Lastly, it factored in sensitivity for better flow and timing. Yim Wing Chun defeated the warlord with ease using his energy against him. The new system Wing Chun (Eternal Springtime) was named after Yim Wing Chun.

Who is Integrative Wing Chun Arizona

Sifu Jay Spain was certified to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1995. Sifu Jay studied Wing Chun from Grand Master Sifu Chung Kwok Chow (founder and leader of Integrative Wing Chun, IWC) and Sifu Julio Ferrer in New York City. Sifu Jay traveled to Foshan, China in 1997 to visit where IP Man taugh Wing Chun in his first martial arts school. Sifu Jay visited his Sigung, Ng Wah Sum (a student of Leung Sheung) and studied the Butterfly Sword and Bil Gee forms from him at the Wing Chun Athletic Association located in Hong Kong. Sifu Jay took Wing Chung workshops from Ip Chun (IP Man son). Sifu Jay is also a Mestrando of Capoeira and studied from Grand Master Marcos Barrao. Sifu Jay is a Kru of Muay Thai under Ajarn Paul Metayo and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Yip Man

Leung Sheung

Ng Wah Sum

Chung Kwok Chow / Julio Ferrer

Jay Spain

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