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About our Performance group and the dances. Bring some Axé To your event! Our dynamic and unique Performance Troupe will perform at your event anywhere in Arizona. We will also travel further upon request to your event if necessary. Our Performance Troupe adds excitement and enthusiasm to any event. The performance will consist of one or all of these parts depending on your needs.
What you can have at your event.

Capoeira (cap-o-ay-ra)
This a unique, interdisciplinary Brazilian art form combining acrobatics, dance, martial arts and passionate Afro-Brazilian music. The performance will contain capoeira solos and/or duplas (pairs) done within a capoeira roda (ring) which will delight audiences with their dazzling movements.

One of the most popular and well-known dances from Brazil. Featuring a highly contagious rhythm, samba is usually seen during Carnival and Mardi Gras celebrations around the world.

Samba Reggae
With traditional sounds of Samba from Salvador, Bahia combined with sounds from other Caribbean music genres like reggae, Samba reggae has given rise to a style of African-influenced dance derived from Afro-Brazilian and candomble dance moves.
Like maculelê, Afro originated among the slaves of Brazil’s colonial era. The mixture of the steps, and of the rhythms brought by these slaves, with Indigenous and Europeans influences were essential to the vitality of Brazilian dance. In order to accommodate a rhythmical richness, Afro-Brazilian dance has as its main characteristics the rapid marking of the rhythm by the feet, and free and independent movements of arms, chest, head and hips.
Maculele (mah-coo-le-le)
An Afro-Brazilian dance created by African slave workers on the sugarcane plantations in Bahia, Northeast Brazil. The dance is choreographed based on the movements and drum rhythms used during the harvest. The slaves used machetes to cut the sugarcane, but later they developed a form of dance with sticks
A traditional dance representing the annual bean harvest in rural Brazil portrayed by women. Colorful, flowing traditional skirts punctuate the dancer’s movements as they swing woven baskets to the music, symbolizing the collecting and sifting of beans or seeds.
Coco De Roda (Cocoo-dee-hoda)
A typical dance from the beach regions of the Northeast of Brazil and has a strong African drumming influence. The choreography of the dance involves steps and movements traditional of the indigenous Tupis peoples of Brazil.
Organizations and events Axé Capoeira has performed for:
Hotel Events: Rio Hotel – LAS VEGAS – “Super Martial Show 2004” Camelback Inn – SCOTTSDALE – “Governor’s Arts Award 2004” Sanctuary Spa & Resort JW Marriot Health Spa & Resort Theater Events: Apollo Theater Dodge Theater Herberger Scottsdale and Chandler Center(s) for the Performing Arts Television Events: America’s Got Talent Urban Latino Television Channels 3, 5, 12 and 15 MAS-TV Univison Sporting Events: Phoenix Suns Half time show Diamondbacks – Chase field Mercury WNBA Corporate Events: Motorola American Express (AMEX) Wells Fargo Honeywell APS School Events: Arizona State University (ASU) Phoenix University PVCC, SCC, MCC, GCC, and K-12

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